The step before Employer branding

The need of change

The step before Employer branding

The number of people born in the late 40's and early 50's who are retiring in the coming three to five years, in many cases from key management positions, are to be replaced by the generation of 80- and 90-talists who are nearly a quarter of a million fewer, which is making the competition for talents very tough and crucial for many employers. 

Many companies are therefore spending a lot of time and money on external communication towards this target-group. It involves being present at university job-fairs, creating internship-programs, building recruitment-sites and profiling themselves in magazines that rank employers, wrapping it all up with the message: "we offer a developing and inspiring work environment with career- development programs, coaching leadership, solid core values and a strong team spirit!"

The fact remains, however, that very few companies have taken a collective consistent grip on leadership, internal culture and development programs, which the newly recruited talents will figure out within 5-6 weeks and move to another employer.

We help you to prevent and avoid this problem, simultaneously as you will see a increase in revenue!

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