The Takeoff

The need for change

The Takeoff

The ability to create a sustainable, long-lasting and measurable improvement of both earnings and internal culture depends, as priorly stated, on involving and engaging all levels of managers, employees and especially informal leaders.

However, the process must start with a thorough review of the organization's strengths and weaknesses in terms of quality, regarding both internal and external processes, together with the undeniable fact that there must exist a genuine commitment to own change, within in top-management. 

The work is usually based upon the values and norms of the company since they, very clearly, affect the internal culture and current leadership. Courage is always an important factor. The courage to let go of the prestige of being a manager and instead "ride along" on a journey where we scrutinize everything from Core values, Leadership- & coaching- routines, reward systems, Job descriptions, Training-/development programs, Market segmentation, key ratios follow-up, Customer database management, career-development programs and processes. 

Courage should then be combined with passion, clarity and the progressive ongoing leadership-support to the persons who determines the whole "Change journey", namely the middle managers / team leaders / group managers.
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