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More than nine out of ten change management-projects, in both big and small organizations, fail and "goes down the drain" after 3-5 months. 
Contact me and I will describe the "pitfalls" and HOW to avoid them!




   Capricornia´s concepts, processes, tools and training programs, works unanimously to link our four focus areas - change management, sales development, talent management & value driven leadership - with measurability that ensures lasting change and revenue growth.

All kind of companies from large corporations to small privately-owned businesses hire us to

Deliver Pre-study / SWOT Analysis for a thorough research of the reasons for declining revenue, market share and

Facilitate Workshops with management teams/key personnel based on the analysis in conjunction with "Best Practice", suggested action plans.

Designing and guiding extensive development-projects to ensure the support and implementation of sustainable revenue sales development, improved internal culture as well as significantly increasing the Employer attractiveness. 

Custom made training programs for managers, KAM and sellers.

Operative Mentor / Coach for the CEO, Sales Director or steering groups working with "Employer branding, Sales- or/and Leadership Development"

Lecturer and Seminar facilitator on themes such as: "Successful Sales Leadership," "The pitfalls of Change Management" and "The step ahead of Employer Branding."

Interim Solution as CEO or Sales Director.

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